Hieronymus Josh, born on January 5th 1996 in Munich, is a German photographer and communication designer based in Smoke City.

After an apprenticeship as a real estate agent, he decided to devote himself entirely to his creative streak and passion for photography. He is currently studying communication design at the Burke Academy in Munich and is working as Dylan Don‘s photo assistant.

In his photographic work he is mainly intrigued in capturing the emotions and the decisive moment of the respective atmospheres of cities, people or his surroundings. He achieves this with a keen eye and by taking spontaneous snapshots with his analog and polaroid cameras, which accompany him on his travels, events as well as everyday life.

Furthermore he likes to combine his bold street, portrait and landscape images with design. This blending of nature and artifice can easily be seen on his well curated Instagram profile as well as the website.

– Gloria S. Holzer